MY NEWS PUNCH 25-11-2019

MY NEWS PUNCH 25-11-2019 start→NEWS→MY NEWS PUNCH 25-11-2019 ALL IN ONE PLACE Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media start→”They’re Killing Us Like Dogs”—A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help Writing this dispatch from Bolivia, the conflict here is spiraling out of control and I fear it will only get worse. start→Israel keep stealing more land and… care nothing for what happens to garbage once it leaves UN talk talk and more talk Excellent idea but will all countries from the so-called Civilized Society/Western Democracy/Security Council authorize it? they wouldn’t dare! UN chief proposes military force to protect Palestinians from Israel Armed international mission among options floated by Guterres in response to General Assembly request for report on Hamas-led Gaza clashes start→The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen DullesIt’s been more than 50 years since Allen Dulles resigned as director of the CIA, but his legacy lives on. Between 1953 and 1961, under his watch, the CIA overthrew the governments of Iran and Guatemala, invaded Cuba, and was tied to the killing of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first democratically elected leader. We speak with David Talbot, author of “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government,” about how Dulles’ time at the CIA helped shape the current national security state. start→VOAT-PHUKS.CO supporters are all Pathological Monster Warning all 3 have been widely described as a haven for Extremists, KKK, Racist, … who have been banned from other social networks. They often call us S…skin,….Go and…..goat…..Sociopath/Pathological Monster Pro-war, Anti Muslim pro-gun…Pro-Trump start→ This is not a joke does happens only is Civilised Society Poverty Subsidy Enriches the Rich! How Trump’s Poverty Subsidy Enriches the Rich This is how corporate and political elites conspire to rig the system, blatantly ripping off money meant to help poor people to make the rich richer. start→From Tim Anderson3 hrs • 7:27 25-11-2019 Thank you for this caning of the fake 2018 #Douma CW Stunt Caitlin Johnstone. After compiling evidence on the 2013 stunt, then noting that independent evidence always pointed one way, i said QED. But there is no end to western gullibility over #Syria it seems – New OPCW Leak Further Vindicates Skeptics Of Establishment Syria Narrative On the sixth of July last year, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) released its interim report on its findings regarding an alleged poison gas attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018. The incident, which resulted in dozens of civilian casualties, was blamed on the Syrian government by the US, UK and France, who launched retaliatory airstrikes on multiple targets in that nation. start→ US Attorney General William Barr “a perfect storm of screw-ups” WOW WrongBarr add Terrorist attacks and related incidents in the United States March of the incompetents: why are politicians and…. so useless with all that resources yet failed to stop 15 Wahabiilliterates Terrorist to bring down twin towers and … Ends All Conspiracy Theories Forever By Saying Epstein Died Via A Series Of Coincidences In an interview with Associated Press, US Attorney General William Barr put all conspiracy theories to rest once and for all by assuring the world that alleged sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death was simply the result of a very, very, very long series of unfortunate coincidences. In a new interview, Attorney General William Barr said Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide resulted from “a perfect storm of screw-ups” and that evidence ultimately shows he hanged himself attacks and related incidents in the United Statescomplied by Wm. Robert Johnston last updated 17 August 2019 start→ Amnesty International Fake Storey over Iran – Another stunt against the independent IR IRAN – Amnesty’s new ’16 years in prison’ Yasaman is not in prison at all. Another Amnesty Fake, Over Iran Amnesty International has faked yet another human rights story, in support of the parallel US state department campaign against Iran. The group claims 24 year old Yasaman Aryani has been jailed for 16 years for ‘campaigning against wearing a hijab’. But both the charges and the penalty are significantly mis-stated. In fact, Yasaman is not in prison at all. This latest distorted story follows repeated Amnesty backing for the fake pretexts Washington used for wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. In fact, the rules for a head covering in Iran (in Iranian cities most women wear a scarf, not a hijab) were relaxed two years ago. Nevertheless, informal social pressures keep 98% of women wearing some sort of scarf, albeit with most showing some of their hair. This, and the role of women in Iran generally, is very different to that of the burkha wearing women in US ally and key sponsor of terrorism, Saudi Arabia. PLEASE READ MORE ABOUT Another Amnesty Fake Storey sent to them by MEK/MKO or.. start→ How tax payer’s money is used U.S. Runs Headscarf Campaign Against Iran A U.S. government funded public relation campaign tries to incite women in Iran to break the law. The reporting of the campaign in western media is unproportionate to its effects in Iran. The professional propagandist who runs the campaign on behalf of the U.S. government is introduced as ordinary “women’s rights activist”. The larger propaganda scheme and the U.S. government influence in it are willfully ignored. In June 2017 the CIA created a new “mission center” for attacking Iran: start→ Sam Novid The video is in Persian. For a brief English summary scroll down. A very counter-intuitive account on Iran’s recent protests: it was the Iranian government set up to identify the CIA-MOSSAD-KSA trained infiltrators based on leaked reports by Erdoghan. من چند هفته است ویدوهای امید دانا رو می بینم اما پخش نمیکنم به چند دلیل که در زیر میگم. ولی این ویدوش مهم و بسیار جالب است، پیرامون اعتراضات و بگیر ببندهای اخیر. بطور خلاصه در این ویدیو میگه که اسراییل-عربستان-آمریکا طرحی برای حملات تروریستی در ایران داشتند که قرار بود در زمستان 1399 اجرا بشه، و بعد به دلایلی قرار شد به دی ماه امسال بیوفته. طبق این طرح چند هزار نفر رو بطور حرفه ای آموزش میدادن که مراکز گازی و برقی رو هدف بگیرند و همزمان شروع به تخریب و اغتشاش، بویژه در شهرهای کوچک بکنند. این افراد برای این آموزشها به ترکیه می رفتند و از ترکیه به یک کشور دیگر (احتمالا عربستان یا اسراییل فرستاده می شدند). سر دلخوری هایی که اردوغان با آمریکا پیدا کرد این طرح رو به ایران لو داد و ایران تصمیم گرفت پیش دستی کند و خود طرح رو قبل از روز موعود اجرا کند تا عوامل را غافل گیر کرده و شناسایی کند…..بجز اون مزخرفاتی که علیه روحانی میگه (و همیشه هم میگه) بقیه حرفاش جالب هستند اینجا. دلیل اینکه ویدیوهاش رو پخش نمیکنم: 1- تقریبا مطمنم که برای تیم احمدی نژاد-ریسی-سپاه کار میکند. نه به اون دلایل واضحی که همه بهش تهمت مزدوری ج ا می زنند. شاید حتی مزدور هم نباشد، ولی تقریبا مطمئنم برای اونها (مثلا رهبری ریسی بعد از مرگ خامنه ای، یا کودتای سپاه) مقدمه چینی میکند در گفتمان ناسیونالیزم و احیای امپراطوری ایران. 2- عقاید به ظاهر متناقضی دارد که البته برای من اصلا متناقض نیستند چون خودم هم اون عقاید رو دارم و اصلن سر این بود که شروع کردم به دیدن ویدیوهاش. منتها اگر ویدیوهاش رو پخش کنم لابد خیلی ها فکر می کنند که من تحت تاثیر این این افکار رو دادم که اینطور نیست. 3- خیلی به اصلاح طلبان، بویژه روحانی و ظریف حمله میکند و سعی در خوب نشون دادن احمقی نژاد و ریسی دارد که بدچور روی نرو من می رود. که ااین کارها رو هم حساب شده و با دلیل انجام میدهد. مثلا در همین ویدیو کلی توضیح میدهد که چطور این گرانی بنزین نقشه خود سازمان اطلاعات بوده برای واکسینه کردن ایران، اون آخرش دوباره مهمل بافی می کند چند تا تیکه بار روجانی می کند آره پنجاه درصد هم احتمال داره “فتنه روحانی” باشی برای انتقام گیری بخاطر دستگیری برادرش!!!! Brief summary: After Erdoghan and US relations went south, Erdoghan leaked some top secret plot CIA-MOSSAD-KSA were cooking up against Iran. They were recruiting, training, and arming a mini army of terrorists in Iran to attack Iran from inside next Winter (that is the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021). To be trained, these guys traveled to Turkey and via Turkey they were sent to other countries (which I don’t believe. I think they were probably trained inside Turkey….but it doesn’t matter)….After CIA-Mossad-KSA found out Iran knows about this project (named “spider web”), they decide to launch the attack in January 2020. Iran finds out about this, and decides to act before they are fully ready for the attack. So the Iranian government deliberately increases the oil price by 300% overnight to shock and anger people, knowing that many will pour into streets to protest and among them the trained terrorists will come out (but not fully prepared), so the Iranian government can arrest them, interrogate them, and size their safe houses where they had kept their weapons. According to leaked documents the original operation spider web included targeting Iran’s gas pipes and power plants (to maximize the anger and frustration of people in the midst of winter cold), as well as taking over police stations and then distributing deadly weapons including machine guns and mortars among ordinary people claiming they had sized them from police stations. start→ As Bullets Rain Down on Protesters, Bolivia’s Armed Forces Are Granted Full Immunity Post on: November 20, 2019 La Izquierda Diario Bolivia On November 15th, Bolivia’s self-proclaimed right-wing transitional government approved a decree that allows the armed forces full license to suppress anti-coup demonstrations. They will be exempt from criminal responsibility for any measures they take to restore order to Bolivia’s streets, including using live ammunition against protesters. start→ I am tired of your Conspiracy Theory even a Blind Sheep can see that you have mixed 2 films to make this film…I say with certainty that Russia would have shown this video to public long ago. Regardingthermonuclear warhead vaporized ..This is another lie the heat from a plain fuel/… can just do the same“The diagram below, shows the thermonuclear warhead vaporized seven layers of especially reinforced concrete, before exiting on the inside of C Ring!” — BREAKING ALL THE RULES Forum › 911 › 911 War of Terror › Pentagon The Civilised Society is well informed and can see what is faked and what isn’t Let us look at their arguments here Bruce A. McHenry There was a lot of nonsense speculation about 9/11. The cruise missile theory is quite ridiculous. Pf Soto Bruce A. McHenry may or may not be; but why are we not allowed to see the videos? Why were they ALL confiscated? The pentagon has tons of cameras all over the place; 85 according to the FBI. Aren’t you curious? Personally, i’d love to know where the video in this piece came from; not made public. Jerry Emery De La Cruz I think it was a Russian missile from the Kursk that sunk and was salvaged by the US.Anders Paulsson Lots of trolls here, can’t stay away, can they?

>>US Military False Flag Attack Against Its Own Citizenry Demands A War Crimes Tribunal

start→ Why Aren’t People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World? Without a mass movement continually pushing and prodding for real change and holding politicians accountable—for their policies as well as their words—our neoliberal rulers assume that they can safely ignore the concerns and interests of ordinary people. REPLIES: Daryl D K We’re comfortable as long as we can buy shiny new stuff all the time. We believe we deserve our privileged lifestyles. We haven’t suffered enough. Yet. Ali-R G There is an odd sense of permanence and immortality when it comes to the lives of Western governments. It’s as if at most only policies can be changed, but the frame of these governments will always remain. Protests have an entirely different meaning in the West than they do in Eastern countries. Mary B It’s true that U.S. police received surplus equipment from the military and it’s scary. I confess I haven’t read the article yet but my answer to the question in the headline why people haven’t risen up? People are working all the time just to make ends meet and survive. Student loans and medical costs keep many people in economic survival mode. Media is under more and more corporate control and they don’t have time to try to investigate what’s really going on. And the national security state contributes to self censorship – many people won’t admit it but they are afraid to express political opinions. And we do not have fair elections – the system of campaign finance corrupts politicians. Mussa G R but mostly, the overwhelming majority of the people is heavy sedated by chemicals in their food and water, sports and entertainment. start→MAJOR – WIKILEAKS: OPCW Modified Chemical Attacks Report On Syria’s Douma, Crucial Details Omitted; White Helmet InvolvedHAGUE – The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) concluded in March that chlorine was most likely used in the suspected April 2018 attack on the city of Douma, which lies on the northeastern outskirts of the Syrian capital. Three countries – the United States, the United Kingdom and France – carried out airstrikes against Syrian government targets, justifying their assault by claiming that the chemical weapons were allegedly used by the Syrian Arab Army, Sputnik reported. start→What does this tell us about our culture? FACIST in VOAT Best Kind of Birth Control For Poor The racist would Pompeo congratulates Bolivia for expelling Cuban doctorsU.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo applauded this Monday the decision of the interim government of Bolivia to expel hundreds of Cubans from its country, in the midst of the growing crisis in that country after the resignation of Evo Morales. There’s a highway in British Columbia called the highway of tears where first nations women went missing Full history of Native American in my however, I am going to add REV- soon start→ Cavalier Chronicles The Student News Site of South Carroll High School Richard Alldred on July 7th, 2019 5:54 pmHistory should Not be Tampered with. It is Cowardly! Linda on July 7th, 2019 8:06 pm It is reprehensible that authors are continuing to write text books with such a Eurocentric focus. What is even more troubling is that educators are either ignorant about the subject or administrators are playing too hard at being “sensitive.” As a teacher for 40 + years, I have always included our country’s unequal, often cruel, treatment of different races and cultures in my lessons. Children are more capable of recognizing mistreatment than we give them credit for, and their questions and ideas are a great starting point for allowing them to see patterns of behavior in the past and introduce solutions for the future. Patricia Yarber on July 7th, 2019 11:08 pm They can’t erase the tears from the land. The blood will forever cry out from all of nature. The more they try to cover it up the they will be haunted by this horrible thing they did. Pilgrims invaded their land. And murdered their people. Took the land from the Indians ,and called it theirs. Then our government came in and removed the indians, and made worthless promises to the Indians over and over up till today, they still are lying to them. No, the trail of tears will never be forgotten. And their blood will haint American’s forever. PatriciaThey can’t erase the tears from the land. The blood will forever cry out from all of nature. Beautiful sadly if travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen,.. no one can erase the tears from there either…Monsters are running the show.. Amanda on July 7th, 2019 11:57 pm The trail of tears. Was the nicest way to say walk from one end of the country to the other. If you ever played the game Oregon trail where you die most of the time Along with your family. It was exactly like that but in reality they were erasing us, even now they erase us. The DNA companies walk around the fact they dont have enough original native American blood to compare it to. We had our culture erased then our lands then set off to die. We havent completely died out but very few of us can even say were are 100 percent Cherokee or Apache ext. I have the knowledge both my grandmother and grandfather came from neighboring villages in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN. We are still allowed with proof and permission to be varied in the bariel grounds but can not hold any ceremonies there. Some of The natives on the reservation think that is where they came from. I wish for my daughter to know the strength of nature how intune with it our ancestors were but I have so little to pass to her. All because we decided to help the pilgrims, even invented the alphabet we use today to make it easier to understand eachother. We were given what back? PLEASE GO TO >>> As everyone knows, the Trail of Tears is a collection of routes the Native Americans followed when they were forced out of their traditional homes, near the east of the Mississippi river. It is estimated that by the end of this journey, sixty to ninety percent of the original population was dead. This despicable rewrite of history quotes, “The first nations people’s agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements”. This is anything but good for our young learners, who will be in the end, lied to. start→ Maria Nikolakaki “What is little known is that for the past 25 years the United States and its allies have routinely used radioactive weapons in battle, in the form of warheads and explosives made with depleted, undepleted or slightly enriched uranium. While the Department of Defense calls these weapons “conventional”, they are radioactive and chemically toxic. In Iraq, where the United States and its partners waged two wars, toxic waste covers the country and poisons the people. U.S. veterans are also sick and dying.Scott Ritter, a former Marine Corps officer in Iraq and United Nations weapons inspector, told me, “The irony is we invaded Iraq in 2003 to destroy its nonexistent WMD [weapons of mass destruction]. To do it, we fired these new weapons, causing radioactive casualties.”HOW THE U.S. MADE DROPPING RADIOACTIVE BOMBS ROUTINE PLEASE GOOGLE FOR THE link… start→ ‘Third party’ fomenting attacks on demonstrators in #Iraq – classic ‘colourrevolution’ tactics, once again.The leader of Iraq’s Asaib Ahl al-Haq group, which is part of the country’s Popular Mobilization Forces or Hashd al-Sha’abi, says Washington and Tel Aviv are members of “a third party” that has been behind many deaths during the recent unrest. start→ Trump’s Recognition of Israeli Settlements Is Rooted in Bipartisan Support Three previous U.S. administrations all ignored the gross power asymmetry between the Palestinians under occupation and the Israeli occupiers—an imbalance compounded by the fact that as the chief mediator in negotiations, the U.S. is also the primary military, economic, and diplomatic supporter of the occupying power. start→ Baron David de Rothschild & Lord Jacob Rothschild (family net worth estimates range from billions up to $700 trillion. World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel Some attendees of the 2019 WJC gala: Michael Mirilashvili ($3 billion), Moshe Kantor ($4 billion), Henry Kissinger ($180 million), Ron Lauder ($4 billion), Leonard Lauder ($21 billion), Boris Lozhkin ($500 mill), Baron David de Rothschild & Lord Jacob Rothschild (family net worth estimates range from billions up to $700 trillion.) (Collage by If Americans Knew) start→ How Billionaires Become Billionaires Contrary to the propaganda pushed by the business press, between 67% and 72% percent of corporations had zero tax liabilities after credits and exemptions … while their workers and employees paid between 25 – 30% in taxes. The rate for the minority of corporations, which paid any tax, was 14%. According to the US Internal Revenue Service, billionaire tax evasion amounts to $458 billion dollars in lost public revenues every year – almost a trillion dollars every two years by this conservative estimate. The largest US corporations sheltered over $2.5 trillion dollars in overseas tax havens where they paid no taxes or single digit tax rates. →PHD RESEARCH →Global Poverty: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World Reversing Undeniable Fact as Ultimate Justification Unbelievably, the endlessly repeated assertion of the form that ‘the poor are being lifted out of poverty in ever greater numbers’ continues on untouched despite the hard evidence that, in fact, the poorer half of humanity has lost almost half of their wealth in just the last five years. start→What does this tell us about our culture? Record inequality and corporate profits are what media call a ‘strong economy’ If you’ve been keeping track of corporate media coverage of the U.S. economy over the past several years, you might have noticed a contradictory pattern. You’ll find that corporate media make ubiquitous references to a “strong economy,” while simultaneously providing many reports on the increasingly impoverished and precarious working class alongside the continuously rising fortunes of the rich. Last month, a New York Times report (10/20/19) exemplified this seemingly bizarre practice when it wondered why so many workers are striking when we apparently live in such a “strong economy,” because the piece also discussed how “today’s strikes are fueled by a deeper sense of unfairness and economic anxiety.” Even though corporate media are now warning us not to be too complacent because of a potential imminent recession and slowing GDP growth (CNN, 8/18/19; Wall Street Journal, 10/30/19), references to a “strong economy” and an “economic recovery” from the Great Recession still abound. start→ UN Report On Israeli Settlements Speaks Truth, World Refuses To Listen start→Media dead silent as Wikileaks insider explodes the myths around Julian AssangeIt is the journalists from The Guardian and New York Times who should be in jail, not Julian Assange, said Mark Davis last week. The veteran Australian investigative journalist, who has been intimately involved in the Wikileaks drama, has turned the Assange narrative on its head. The smears are falling away. The mainstream media, which has so ruthlessly made Julian Assange a scapegoat, is silent in response. start→ SICKENING >>>An account spreading pro-Saudi messages actually belonged to a deceased Weather Channel meteorologist. OK 1/100 point to Tec-Tyrant for still refusing to listen to KSA but I am much less resourceful than Marc and I was suspended by both Tec- Tyrants 22 times and banned for good …Underwood don’t say because I … Marc Owen Jones @marcowenjones Ast Prof Mid East Studies @HBKU | Digital Humanities | PhD @durham_uni | Fellow @ExeterIAIS | Political Repression | Information Controls | PGP Hacked Twitter accounts used to promote Saudi Arabia, leadership An account spreading pro-Saudi messages actually belonged to a deceased Weather Channel meteorologist.Several verified Twitter accounts have been taken over by pro-Saudi operatives and some have been used to promote Saudi Arabia or its leadership, according to an academic who researches digital propaganda and Twitter bots. At least four verified Twitter accounts, including one that belonged to a US meteorologist who died over two years ago, appear to have been hacked and sold to pro-Saudi entities, Marc Owen Jones wrote in a blog post on Saturday. start→ Pure Dumpster Fire Trash“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” ….Good for Racist Thugs this kind of PDFT ‘Ben Norton 11 hrs • The new Amazon TV show “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” (starring Jim from The Office) is straight up CIA propaganda, produced with the help of The Agency, along with the Pentagon. Oh yeah and it’s also pure dumpster fire trash. These imperialist sociopaths can’t even make entertaining propaganda.’ Analysis by researcher Tom Secker reveals how Amazon’s regime change fantasy “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” was shaped by CIA and US military consultants – and how the TV show’s producers hid their role from viewers. By Max Blumenthal • SCIENCE BIOLOGY • CHEMISTRY • EARTH • HEALTH • PHYSICS • SCIENCE • SPACE • TECHNOLOGY ***Alfa, AH Tribune AL INSAN ALTERNET ABNA 24 ANTI MEDIA ALAHEDNEWS.COM ALJAZEERA.COM ASCERTAIN THE TRUTH ALMASDAR NEWS/THE ARAB SOURCE Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media ***Bravo, BIRD BRASS CHECK TV BUSINESS UNSIDER ***Charlie, COMMON DREAMS COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION CANADA TALKS CROWDFUND INSIDER COUNTER PUNCH ***Delta, DEMOCRACY NOW DIGITAL TRENDS DAILY RECORD ***Echo, EN.FARSNEWS END THE OCCUPATION ECONOMY IN CRISIS ELECTRONIC RESISTANCE EKURD ***Forest FORT-RUSS.COM FARS NEWS FAIR FP FOREIGN POLICY IN FOCUS FILMING CUPS ***Golf, GLOBAL RESEARCH ***Hotel, HUFFINGTON POST HOME ***India, IRANIAN.COM INTELLIHUB INDEPENDENT ICH ISLAMIC MOVEMENT.ORG SHIA BRANCH OF ISLAM IA CENTER ***Juliet JOHN PILGER.COM JONATHAN COOK ***Kilo, Lima, LAND DESTROYER.BLOGSPOT.COM LIBERTY CHAT LEVANT TV ***Mike, MASHABLE.COM UK MR ON LINE MSN.COM MAKE WAR HISTORY MIDDLE EAST MONITOR MINT PRESS NEWS MAKE WAR HISTORY MOBILE NEWS MEDIA MATTERS MIDDLE EAST EYE MA’AN NEWS AGENCY MINT PRESS NEWS MONDOWEISS ***November, NINE SEVEN TWO 972 MAG NPR.ORG NY TIMES NDTV NATION OF CHANGE NBC ***Oscar, ***Papa, PIC PROGRESSIVE SECULAR PALASTINE NEWS NETWORK PUKNEWS ***Quebec, QUDS NEWS ***Romeo, ROLLIMGSTONE.COM RT NEWS RON PAUL.COM RT.COM RUSSIA INSIDER RAW STORY ***Sierra, SANA STRATEGIC-CULTURE STEP BACK SHANNON WATCH SYRIA 360 SLAVYANGARD SPUTNIK NEWS SYRIAN NEWS SYRIAN FREE PRESS SALON.COM SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST ***Tango, TELESURENGLISH.NET THE GREANVILLE POST.COM TRUTHOUT.ORG TRUE ACTIVIST THE FREE THOUGHT OROJECT .COM THE IRAN PROJECT TASNIM Takfirism Exposed TIIS.ORG THE INTERSEPT.COM THE LONDON ECONOMIC.COM THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT THE GRAY ZONE THE HUFFINGTON POST THE SLEUTH JOURNAL THE NATION THE INTERCEPT TASS.COM THERE ARE NO SUNGLASSES TEHRAN TIMES THE DAILY BEAST THE UGLY TRUTH THE HILL THE IRANIAN TELESURTV THE WORLD’S PLATFORM FOR CHANGE THE SAKER THE EVENT CHRONICLE TRAPLEY THE HUFFINGTON POST TRUTH MEDIA THE NATION TRUE ACTIVIST TRUST.ORG ***Uniform, US NEWS UPROOTED PALESTINIANS’S BLOG ***Victor, VOX NEWS VT VOA NEWS ***Whiskey, WE ARE NOT NUMBERS WORLD.MIC WE ARE CHANGE WIN WITHOUT WAR WSWS ***X-ray, ZERO ***Yankee, YOUR NEWS WIRE ***Zulu.

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