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Articles for Political Science, Mathematics and Productivity the Student Room BSc, MSc & PhD Project Mangers etc
PPTs in SLIDESHARE International Studies Research Degrees (MPhilPhD)  


Corporate Media Is Owned By Few Billionaires They Lie to You Wake Up.

Vast majority in the Middle East knows (We Exclude Wahabie KSA and Takfiri and US Puppets, BNP/MKO/Fascist/Racist,… ), what majority of western audiences like Trump supporters, Conservative UK or racist European  don’t, because of cultivated stupidity… I don’t blame people in the west  but corporate media like BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV– that those murdered by Trump’s expeditionary forces in the last few days, were those most responsible for the destruction of the Bolton/ Saudi-inspired terrorists like ISIS / DAESH/…….

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Josh Sigurdson

@JoshSigurdson • 2h  Check this out and share!   BREAKING NEWS: Josh Sigurdson reports on Iran striking U.S. on bases in Iraq! ➽➜R=RESEARCH   =ALL



Facebook Tyrant

I saw a post about remembering the US shoot down of the Iranian airliner (Iran Air Flight 655) in 1988, and Facebook had a flag warning that it was “fake news” MOUTHPIECE OF Pentagon

Facebook is a protector and preserver of the propaganda classifying IR Iran as a dangerous terrorist organization. But FB knows well, that USA is the biggest terrorist country in the world. USA invades other countries just to own their natural resources and to place them in the hands of American corporations. Facebook doesn’t call that terrorism. They call it democracy. Leave FB


FB is marking this as “partly false information, checked by independent fact checkers” and then linking to some Spanish language fact checking site named “Observador” which ranks the post at the upper end of their “deceiver” scale based on the site’s analysis asserting that the US in reality apologised, while ignoring the fact that all military personnel involved were decorated for their actions in taking down the plane.

The site, by the way, contains almost no information about where it is bases, how it is funded, or other information which relates to its own credibility. Conclusion: Partly false

The information in this post is a mix of true and false statements or it could simply be incomplete. In some cases, the information is misleading.


Fact-check from Observador   OBSERVADORFact-Check

Enganador: EUA não pediram desculpa por abaterem um avião comercial iraniano em 1988?

Publicação diz que os EUA não pediram desculpa quando abateram um avião da Iran Air. George H. W. Bush disse que nunca o faria, mas o então Presidente…

Are you curious about how Facebook works with independent fact-checking organisations? Learn more


In response to Donald Trump’s comment, President of Iran recalls the day the US eliminated a plane with 290 people on board, including 66 children. Killers were awarded:Trump’s Shameless Murder of Soleimani Will Kill Thousands of US Troops — By Suicide Each and every day, an average of 20 American veterans take their own lives. The standard diagnosis is PTSD. But that catch-all label conceals the deeper reality: The biggest single factor driving veteran depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide is shame. Veterans know that US attacks against Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran are unjust. They have seen, and in some cases participated in, horrifically immoral behavior. Invading someone else’s country is the supreme war crime, the worst crime that a human being can commit according to the Nuremburg Principles, and it encompasses and leads to all of the lesser war crimes. Our veterans know, consciously or unconsciously, that they are war criminals. That is why so many are executing themselves.


 “The law of unintended consequences” Blowback From The Soleimani Assassination Increases As Iraq Reveals How Trump Tried To Steal Its Oil The blowback from Trump’s assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and PMU leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis is increasing.  A scandal is developing as one consequence of Trump’s evil deed after Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi revealed the gangster methods U.S. President Trump used in his attempts to steal Iraq’s oil. Below we follow today’s development.

The mourning for the assassinated Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani unfortunately caused even more suffering:

A stampede broke out Tuesday at a funeral for a top Iranian general killed in a U.S. airstrike, and at least 56 people were killed and more than 200 were injured as thousands thronged the procession, Iranian news reports said.

The stampede took place in Kerman, the hometown of Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani, as the procession began, said the semi-official Fars and ISNA news agencies, citing Pirhossein Koulivand, head of Iran’s emergency medical services.


William Blum

Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

  • China 1949 to early 1960s
  • Albania 1949-53
  • East Germany 1950s
  • Iran 1953 *
  • Guatemala 1954 *
  • Costa Rica mid-1950s
  • Syria 1956-7
  • Egypt 1957
  • Indonesia 1957-8
  • British Guiana 1953-64 *
  • Iraq 1963 *
  • North Vietnam 1945-73
  • Cambodia 1955-70 *
  • Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
  • Ecuador 1960-63 *
  • Congo 1960 *
  • France 1965
  • Brazil 1962-64 *
  • Dominican Republic 1963 *
  • Cuba 1959 to present
  • Bolivia 1964 *
  • Indonesia 1965 *
  • Ghana 1966 *
  • Chile 1964-73 *
  • Greece 1967 *
  • Costa Rica 1970-71
  • Bolivia 1971 *
  • Australia 1973-75 *
  • Angola 1975, 1980s
  • Zaire 1975
  • Portugal 1974-76 *
  • Jamaica 1976-80 *
  • Seychelles 1979-81
  • Chad 1981-82 *
  • Grenada 1983 *
  • South Yemen 1982-84
  • Suriname 1982-84
  • Fiji 1987 *
  • Libya 1980s
  • Nicaragua 1981-90 *
  • Panama 1989 *
  • Bulgaria 1990 *
  • Albania 1991 *
  • Iraq 1991
  • Afghanistan 1980s *
  • Somalia 1993
  • Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
  • Ecuador 2000 *
  • Afghanistan 2001 *
  • Venezuela 2002 *
  • Iraq 2003 *
  • Haiti 2004 *
  • Somalia 2007 to present
  • Honduras 2009 *
  • Libya 2011 *
  • Syria 2012

Ukraine 2014 * By William Blum

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