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Hughes makes a very strong economic argument that Facebook has become a monopoly
Dec 18, 2019 | dr fereydoun dejahang | 81 Views
I was reading Hughes report it is very interesting and explains FB Tec-Tyrant has become a monopoly . Hughes makes a very strong economic argument that how Facebook has become a monopoly and that this has limited competition and held back innovation. … Hughes says that no new social networks have been launched since 2011- I do disagree with him as I have been monitoring and carrying out surveys on more than 50 new social networks and I agree that 84 percent of spending on social media ads goes directly to Facebook.

How are we going to stop FB/TWITTER’s monopoly? This is possible only by university student participation and help. We can replace FB with other smaller Social Networks available but teamwork is badly needed …we have prepared a list here >>> EDOCR
www.edocr.com/user/drdeja… file www.edocr.com/v/jqmplrpj/… and www.edocr.com/v/za5gmmez/… also www.edocr.com/v/mb0w0k1a/… PLEASE JOIN THEM IF YOU CAN

If we work together we will reduce FB monopoly by 5% yes it small but it is a good start.

We started with 2/3 member at whaller.com/sphere/yia0ze…
now we are 9.

I suggest US/Canada work together exchange knowledge and ideas

UK/EU work together OK agree UK doesn’t like to work with EU …let us find a way

Asia work together

Social networks can share members and even exchange members that will help the growth in numbers…well you are expert Moderators come up with an idea.
PS Mastodon instances are working as a team
Diaspora instance are working as a team

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